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So, today, i’ll introduce my fleet of longboards.
Funny thing is that a year ago i didn’t even know how to skate. One fine day i said to myself i should try, i did so many other things at least it will be one less thing to do on my bucket list, i bought a skate which was on sale, and after a few days/weeks i learned to skate, it was ok, but nothing special, 3-4 months later i got my first Longboard (the Arbor Fleetwood Stringer), it was at the time the first LGC videos were out. 
And i just fell in love with longboards. I not only love riding them, but i also love them as objects, some of them are so beautiful (Arbor x Nanami Cowdroy anyone?), and my collector personality didn’t help at all. So now i have quite a fleet for all various disciplines, and each is so fun to ride.
Too bad that Paris isn’t the greatest place for longboarding, but you can still have some fun!

Now i’m only waiting for better weather, so i can ride again, i miss it more than i thought i would.

Gnar safely and have fun!

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